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The Trendalyzer tool allows users to explore how statistics relating to various ecological and quality of life factors interact. Users are able to chose from internationally recognized data sets on development, quality of life and ecology, and view how these factors relate to one another over time and across geographic realms. The Trendalyzer features the Ecological Footprint as one of the key ecological indicators, along with carbon emissions, energy use, fossil fuel consumption and other factors. Users can can plot these factors against others such as literacy, mortality, income, and population to view trends and correlations.

The Trendalyzer is created by Gapminder, a non-profit venture promoting sustainable global development by increased use and unserstanding of statistics and other information about social, economic and environmental development at local, national and global levels. Gapminder was recently acquired by Google.

To use the tool, scroll through the selection on the X and Y axis, and hit play. You can select specific country data from the menu bar on the right, as well as specify how to view the data points (based on geographic region, population, size of Footprint, etc.) by selecting entries from the menu in the top righthand corner.