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Issue 20, August 8, 2009 

Ecological Intelligence for the 21st Century
“Trendalyzer” Shows How Statistics Interact
Moving Beyond GDP
Gearing Up For Copenhagen, Seminars Look at Footprint, Biocapacity
Novel Envisions Our Ecological Future
Happy Planet Index Shows Good Life Needn’t Cost the Earth
The Natural Step Joins Global Footprint Network
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About Global Footprint Network
Our mission is to promote a sustainable economy by advancing the Ecological Footprint, a measurement tool that makes the reality of planetary limits relevant to decision-makers.

Ecological Intelligence for the 21st Century

Data on resource limits will be the critical intelligence business and government leaders will need to remain competitive in the 21st century, Mathis and Susan say in a video interview at the Skoll Foundation’s Skoll World Forum. The two discuss why they launched Global Footprint Network, and why the work is more relevant now than ever. “It’s not about future generations anymore. It’s about my life, our son’s life,” Mathis says.

“What do all these resource trends of using more than one planet mean for a country’s competitiveness or for a company’s success? Now we are in a new century. In the past we could ignore resource constraints. If we do that in the future, we will be toast.”


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