Data Sources

The National Footprint Accounts are a comprehensive ecological accounting system that calculates the Ecological Footprint and biocapacity of the world and 200 nations from 1961 through the present. National Footprint accounts are updated annually based on the latest complete data sets available, which usually entails a time lag of about three years. This system has grown significantly since the earliest calculations more than ten years ago, and results are now in use by practitioners and educators throughout the world.

Data Tables

National Footprint Accounts Licenses and the most recent National Footprint Accounts calculation files and source data are available for both commercial use and non-commercial review under license. Free Academic Editions are available for personal and research purposes. Click here to learn more about data licensing.

More detailed results including time-trends for selected countries are available from Global Footprint Network. Contact us to find out more about data licensing, for more information.