NFA Workbook License Request

The National Footprint Accounts include calculations of the national-level Ecological Footprint and biocapacity. Utilizing data points from global databases such as United Nations FAOSTAT, United Nations COMTRADE, and the International Energy Agency, the National Footprint Accounts use approximately 6,000 data points per country per year for 232 countries and territories--and the world as a whole--from 1961 to 2010. The spreadsheets used to calculate the National Footprint Accounts are available for license from Global Footprint Network.

The purpose of this form is for you to identify your intended use of the National Footprint Account(s) and which National Footprint Account(s) you would like access to. Use this form if you are interested the detailed Ecological Footprint methodology, i.e. the raw data, the step by step series of calculations used to determine the National Footprint Account results, and/or the product-level detail for a specific country(s) or year(s). If you are interested in the final results or top-level National Footprint Account summaries (for example, the Footprint of Consumption for BRIICS 1990 - 2010), these data are available separately through a data request.

All fields on this form must be completed before the form can be submitted. Global Footprint Network will review the information you provide and respond to you with a quote, or in some cases a request for clarification.

If you interest is in learning more about Ecological Footprint calculations and data sets, The Learning Edition includes complete, fully functioning calculation spreadsheets for the world and for one representative nation (Hungary). The Learning Edition is available free of charge through a separate form which can be accessed by clicking here.

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Data must be cited appropriately. Suggestion: Global Footprint Network, 2014. National Footprint Accounts, 2014 Edition. Available online at If you would like to publish any data please contact Global Footprint Network prior to submitting a paper for publication. If you will be submitting to a journal, we will likely ask to conduct a scientific and editorial review of the work, and the fees for this review are $155 per hour (typically around $1,000).