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Established in 1997, Best Foot Forward (BFF), based in Oxford, UK, has successfully completed over 1000 footprint analyses helping more than 100 organisations to measure, manage, communicate and reduce their environmental impact. Whether you are interested in standards compliance, strategy development, or measuring the footprint of products, services or events, BFF can provide the metrics you need.

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BFF started applying the Ecological Footprint methodology in 1997 and continue to be international leaders in using the methodology for organisations, products and regions. We are a founding and active member of the Global Footprint Network, serving on a range of Network committees and have worked with the European Commission on a research agenda for the adoption of the indicator at state level. We also recognise the value of the carbon footprint and routinely apply both footprint methodologies in our projects to maximise the value of our findings.
Our Ecological Footprint services include:
• Clear introduction to and communication of the methodology
• Expert calculation of a footprint measurement that goes beyond carbon
• Regional, organisational, product and personal level analyses
• Visualisation and benchmarking of results
• Incorporation in communication plans and engagement tools
• Delivery of technical training on the methodology
• Provision of sophisticated footprinting software

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