Partner Network

Our Partner Network comprises more than 70 organizations that share the vision of living within the means of one planet. Partners play a vital role in guiding our research agenda and contributing to the development of Footprint methodology and standards. They are the world’s leading Footprint experts, working with business, government and individuals to make the Footprint relevant and practical.

Through their collaboration with us and with one another they create change in ways that would not be possible by working alone.

BRASS Centre at Cardiff University

The Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society (BRASS) exists to understand and promote the vital issues of sustainability, accountability and social responsibility through research into key business relationships.

Partner Profile

The Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society (BRASS) at Cardiff University is an ESRC funded interdisciplinary research centre. Research at the centre specialises in business sustainability and corporate social responsibility with a particular focus on the relationships between businesses and their key stakeholders (customers, suppliers, investors, workers, local communities and regulators).

The BRASS Centre was host to the first international academic conference dedicated to Ecological Footprinting in Cardiff (8-10 May, 2007).
The conference, "Stepping up the Pace: New Developments in Ecological Footprint Methodology, Policy and Practice", represented one of the largest and most diverse Ecological Footprinting conferences to date, with over 200 delegates attending from more than 23 different nations. The event was organised with the support of Global Footprint Network, Footprint Wales, SEI-York and WWF Cymru (Wales).

BRASS is currently engaged in research to find out more about the goals and norms of the Footprint community and likely future developments in methods, indicators and markets. Partners of Global Footprint Network have been invited to take part in that research, and a report on the findings will be made available on the BRASS website at the end of 2008.

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