Partner Network

Our Partner Network comprises more than 70 organizations that share the vision of living within the means of one planet. Partners play a vital role in guiding our research agenda and contributing to the development of Footprint methodology and standards. They are the world’s leading Footprint experts, working with business, government and individuals to make the Footprint relevant and practical.

Through their collaboration with us and with one another they create change in ways that would not be possible by working alone.

Millennium Institute

For over 30 years, the D.C.-based Millennium Institute has been striving to help governments implement policies for sustainable development through complex dynamic models that integrate Ecological Footprint data.

Partner Profile

They also were a key contributor to the Green Economy Report that the United Nations Environment Program used as a basis for multinational conversations ahead of the 2012 Earth Summit in Rio. As nonprofit organization, they work towards a vision of a world in which decision makers apply extensive knowledge and a systemic perspective to bring about a sustainable, equitable, and peaceful global society. Global Footprint Network and Millennium Institute are working together to develop system dynamics modeling and tools to help decision makers understand the interconnectedness between economic, social, environmental factors, and issues of peace and security;

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