Previous Edition Time-Series Data Request

2016 Previous Edition Time-Series Data is for non-commercial use by registered academics, educators (K-12 or primary school), NGOs with less than 1 million USD turnover, and the media (print, web, broadcast). Additional data packages for commercial use are available upon request.

Instructions: To request a copy of the 2016 Previous Time-Series Data License, please fill out this form. All fields on this form must be completed before the form can be submitted. Global Footprint Network will review the information you provide and respond to you with a quote, or in some cases a request for clarification.

Will you be using the data for commercial purposes?
Are you going to publish data?



For non-commercial purposes.

National Footprint Accounts results data may be used for learning, research, educational and similar non-commercial purposes with a fee waiver on approval. Any public use or publication of the data must be cited appropriately.

For use by commercial entities or NGOs with over 1 million in turnover, please contact us for the Standard or Gold Editions.

Publishing Guidelines:

  • The publishing of graphs is unlimited with this license.
  • The publishing of up to 30 data points is allowed. If you would like to publish more than 30 data points, please contact us.
  • Any public use or publication of the data must be cited appropriately. Suggestion: Global Footprint Network, 2016. National Footprint Accounts, 2016 Edition. Available online at
  • Please ensure accurate use and description of the terms “Ecological Footprint,” “biocapacity,” “global hectares” and other relevant terms and concepts by referencing the following guidance on our website: Glossary, FAQ, Footprint Science as well as the Methodology paper.
  • If you will be submitting to a journal, we will likely ask to conduct a scientific and editorial review of the work, and the fees for this review are $155 per hour (typically around $1,000).