Public Data Package - Free Download

Global Footprint Network's National Footprint Accounts 2016 Public Data Package ("Public Data Package") is provided at no charge for non-commercial purposes by Global Footprint Network to registered academics, educators (K-12 or primary school), NGOs with less than 1 million USD turnover, and the media (print, web, broadcast) (in each case, a "Qualified Non-Commercial User").

The Public Data Package contains the following:

If you are not a Qualified Non-Commercial User or otherwise desire to use the Public Data Package in whole or in part, for or in connection with any commercial purpose, then you use must (1) inform Global Footprint Network of who you are, who you represent (e.g., your employer), and how you will use the data package, (2) pay the data license fees established by Global Footprint Network as applicable to you and your use, and (3) comply with Global Footprint Network’s Commercial Terms of Use.

Please contact if you have any questions about these license terms.