The Phoenix Economy

07/05/2010 06:22 PM

Global Footprint Network has been named a Phoenix 50 organization, one of “50 pioneers in the business of social innovation” that can enable humanity to emerge from the economic crisis with a society better adapted to our global challenges.

The list was announced at the Skoll World Forum on Entrepreneurship in Oxford, England, March 25-30. The forum focused largely on the opportunity the economic downturn offers to reshape our society for the better. “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste,” philanthropist and e-Bay founder Jeff Skoll said at Forum’s closing address.

As part of the forum, Volans, a sustainability and social enterprise incubator, issued a report entitled The Phoenix Economy celebrating organizations it said were effectively developing market solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental concerns.

“A new economic order is rising from the ashes, and a new generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and investors is accelerating the changes essential for delivering scalable sustainable solutions to the world,” says the report. Global Footprint Network was praised for providing clear metrics to quantify a challenge facing humanity and benchmark steps toward a solution. “The Phoenix Economy will only work if there are new ways of measuring progress,” the report said.

Download the report

Read Mathis’s Volans interview about Pathways to Scale



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