Footprint Forum 2010 in Siena: Meet the Winners of the 21st Century

02/25/2010 10:20 PM

The Forum Roundtables held June 7 through 12, 2010 in Tuscany, will include a special track on the future of the Mediterranean region. These highly interactive discussions will explore how countries, communities or companies in the Mediterranean region – and beyond – can prepare for and succeed in a world of increasingly severe resource constraints, such as climate change, water scarcity, urban crowding, and soaring energy costs.

Over the last decades, all Mediterranean nations have started to run ecological deficits; today, each nation’s residents use more ecological services than are available within the nations’ own borders. This puts them into a fragile situation. What will 2030 look like if we fail to address these ecological deficits now? What immediate actions can leaders take to ensure a viable future for their city or country? How is it in each city’s or country’s self-interest to make natural resource issues a priority? For decision-makers, knowing the answers to these questions can mean the difference between their region’s long-term success and its vulnerability in a resource-constrained world.

Other valuable sessions at Footprint Forum include a two day technical training, half day policy workshop, academic conference and a public day.

Please visit the continuously updated conference website at for more information or contact Bree Barbeau directly at



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