O Eco Association: “9 Countries, 1 Forest, 1 Coverage”

06/03/2010 10:30 PM

“Amazonia is news. It concerns everyone,” award-winning online news service O Eco Amazonia writes on its Web site. In 2004, the O Eco Association was launched with the goal of providing decision-makers up-to-date information on this critical ecological region.

During the last five years, the Web site has grown into one of the most celebrated environmental news services in Brazil. Now, it has joined Global Footprint Network as a partner. Through the collaboration, O Eco will host a monthly column by Global Footprint Network on regional topics including the Ecological Footprint, sugarcane ethanol, the Brazilian Century, and “biocapacity issues: Mexico vs. Brazil.” The site will also feature the Brazilian personal Ecological Footprint calculator.

The O Eco Association was founded by two well-known journalists and a respected political scientist with the aim of advancing regular, in-depth environmental news coverage of Brazil in the Amazon, a region of tremendous ecological importance. The service, published in Portuguese, Spanish and English, brings experienced scholars and experts together with a network of young journalists all over Brazil.  It includes two major sites: O Eco, which features news about Brazilian environmental issues and O Eco Amazonia, which covers the entire Amazon region, including Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guyana, Peru, Surinam and Venezuela.

O Eco was the first media outlet in the country to offer in-depth coverage of issues such as corruption in management of forest resources, monitoring deforestation in the Amazon and the impacts of climate change on biodiversity. The service has won numerous awards and become a go-to for experts and policy-makers.



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