The Natural Step Joins Global Footprint Network

05/30/2010 12:58 AM

The Natural Step, an international non-profit dedicated to education, advisory work and research in sustainable development, has joined Global Footprint Network as a Partner. The Natural Step Framework provides a comprehensive, science-based definition of sustainability and links it to real world applications.

The Natural Step and Global Footprint Network have worked together informally for years and share many common assumptions, including the fact that nature, on its own, is a self-sustaining “recycling” system, and that organizations which will succeed in the long-term are those which can thrive within the limits of what the planet can renewably provide.

Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, founder of the Natural Step, and Mathis Wackernagel, President of Global Footprint Network, have been teaming up to publish papers in academic journals since 1999. Both organizations view macro-level systems thinking and cross-sector collaboration as key tools for catalyzing the shift to a sustainable society, and they see an important role for research in supporting pragmatic decisions that drive real-world sustainability.

The Natural Step Framework, developed by Dr. Henrik-Robert, describes four “system conditions” that are minimum requirements for sustainability. Organizations can then evaluate the extent to which their current and future activities meet these system conditions. The Framework has led to the adoption of more sustainable practices in agriculture, forestry, energy production, green building and watershed management, as well as in manufacturing, hotel management, and other economic sectors.



Thinking in very poor comunities I would like to read mora about minimum requirements for sustainability. Because the people with who I work have nothing more that nature for survy.

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