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Senior Scientist Alessandro Galli Discusses Ecological Footprint in Athenian Parliament

Global Footprint Network - 10/31/2012 11:33 PM

Senior Scientist Alessandro Galli delivered a talk in the Athenian Parliament last week during a Special Permanent Committee on Environmental Protection. The session theme was titled, “How MPs can contribute to the efficient depollution of the Mediterranean.” Galli was asked to deliver a Framework Setting presentation to introduce discussions on the challenges, successes and lessons learned about cleaner industrial production and the promotion of a green economy through greening of sectors such as tourism and agriculture.

Galli then focused on the Ecological Footprint of the Mediterranean region and outlined some of the key findings from the newly released “Mediterranean Ecological Footprint Trends” report. His talk starts at about 1:27:50 into the video below. Read Complete Article >

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