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Our mission is to promote a sustainable economy by advancing the Ecological Footprint, a measurement tool that makes the reality of planetary limits relevant to decision-makers.

Radiohead Sizes Up its Footprint

Radiohead, a well-known British rock-band, recently commissioned Global Footprint Network partner Best Foot Forward (BFF) to analyze the band’s Footprint and help reduce their tour’s carbon emissions. BFF’s report shows that transport, how fans get to Radiohead’s shows, is the most important lever for reducing the tour’s Footprint.


For example, if average car occupancy increased from 2.2 to 3 people per car, the CO2 output for the entire tour would drop by 22 per cent. Radiohead now chooses gigs based on proximity to city centers, public transit options, and the eco-friendliness of the venues.

Radioheads eco-criteria for venues is prompting many event organizers to think greener, and, hopefully, prompting more of their fans to carpool. The band also tries to freight their gear by ship rather than air, has stopped using charter planes, and travels by road and rail whenever possible.

Learn More:

Read the Report
Radiohead Blog

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Posted by Eco-Friendly Solar Dryers on 11/09/2009 at 11:26 AM

It’s true the governments are not the ones that are going to radically influence a movement towards transparency in mutual funds carbon footprints. Consumers are starting to put the pressure on, but where it is going to matter most is when stockholders finally stand up and put the pressure on.  Wind power and hydroelectricity is the way forward and it is encouraging to see that this is becoming an attractive option for investors, not willing to continually invest in the increasingly risky polluting companies. I know who I would invest my capital with for solid ROI and for the benefits of the environment!

Posted by Cliff Zinyemba on 09/21/2009 at 10:03 PM (Belgium)

I’m impressed. I hope all other musical groups that attract large crowds will follow suit. It will also be wise for festival organisers in the future to arrange public transport for party goers. I’m just wondering if there are any structures in place to manage the carbon footprint of South Africa 2010. Just for interest’s sake, i also want to know if investing in reducing carbon durin the football world cup in South Africa will qualify for Certified Emmission Reduction? I think if exceptions were made to allow for CER during this one month long showcase there would be significant carbon reductions.

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