Comité de Revisión de Cuentas Nacionales

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The National Accounts Committee is one of two committees overseeing scientific review procedures and standards for Footprint calculations. The National Accounts Committee supports continual improvement of the scientific basis of the National Footprint Accounts. These accounts provide the conversion factors and calculations necessary to translate quantities of resources used into the bioproductive land or sea area required to generate these resources. These conversion factors serve as the reference data for Footprint applications at all scales.

The Committees Charter provides more detail on the objectives and procedures for the committee.

National Accounts Committee

Alessandro Galli, Global Footprint Network
Richard Mclellan, WWF-International
Anke Schaffartzik, Institute of Social Ecology in Vienna
David Vaĉkář, Charles University Environment Centre
Kevin Lewis, Best Foot Forward, Anthesis
Marco Bagliani, IRES Piedmonte Research Institute
Mattila Tuomas, Finnish Ministry of the Environment
William Rees, University of British Columbia
Yoshihiko Wada, Ecological Footprint Japan