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Partner Network

Our Partner Network comprises more than 70 organizations that share the vision of living within the means of one planet. Partners play a vital role in guiding our research agenda and contributing to the development of Footprint methodology and standards. They are the world’s leading Footprint experts, working with business, government and individuals to make the Footprint relevant and practical.

Through their collaboration with us and with one another they create change in ways that would not be possible by working alone.

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru – PUCP - offers superior education, promotes research and endorses its projection towards the local community aiming to contribute with the national development of Peru.
The Dirección Académica de Responsabilidad Social – DARS, is the university office specialized in providing external services related to social responsibility to other institutions, counting for this purpose with a group of professionals and technical personnel of vast experience.

Partner Profile

PUCP has a multidisciplinary approach of the social responsibility of the university towards the community. This involves both the impact of its activities on the human, social and natural context and its active role on promoting the Sustainable Human Development of society. “Sustainable Campus” is a strategy that strives to reduce the Ecological Footprint of the institution via a rational use of resources and to educate the university community on the ethics of sustainability.
It is interested in measuring the gap between the PUCP “declared ethos” and its actual performance, the potential inconsistency between the values that it wants to promote and the values that are actually lived and transmitted on campus on a daily basis.

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