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Utah Population and Environmental Coalition

The Utah Population and Environmental Coalitions is an educational and research organization dedicated to further understanding and cooperation regarding environmental and population issues. The organization works to promote the concepts of sustainability for individuals, organizations, and communities primarily in Utah. There study, Utah Vital Signs, focused on the consumption of the human population within the political boundaries of the state of Utah. The state of Utah was the first state in the USA to calculate the Ecological Footprint.

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In 2007, in an effort to bring Utah’s population growth and increasing Ecological Footprint into public conversation and policy, the Utah Population and Environment Coalition (UPEC) spearheaded the first effort to calculate the Ecological Footprint of a US state. With support from Global Footprint Network, UPEC prepared the Footprint study as part of their Utah Vital Signs project on sustainability indicators. The final report, Utah Vital Signs 2007: the Ecological Footprint of Utah, has provided a means for Utahns to understand the demand they place on their own and the world’s biologically productive land and water areas, and has opened public dialogue on overshoot and how citizens, legislators, and planners can make better decisions for their and their state’s future.

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