Enough versus More: Solving the Growth Dilemma

11/29/2010 06:28 PM

How can we provide well for the world’s people without bankrupting the natural systems that underlie all economic (and human) activities? The key, according to a new report by the Center for a Steady State Economy and based on input from leading economists, lies in shifting our economic systems from those based on the idea of more to those based on that of enough.

Economic growth, while exacting a heavy toll from the environment, is not improving people’s lives in high-income nations such as the UK, the report states. Featuring input from economists such as Peter Victor, Tim Jackson and Andrew Simms,  Enough is Enough identifies specific, implementable policies for achieving a steady state economy, one that is sufficient to meet people’s needs for a high-quality of life, while staying within the scale of what nature can provide.

  • Click here to download the full report (130 pages).
  • Click here to download the summary (10 pages).
  • Click here to view a collection of related videos.


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