Resources - Introduction

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How does our work at Global Footprint Network relate to what is happening right now in the world? With environmental issues like climate change, the worldwide food crisis and the biofuels debate grabbing the headlines, the pressure of human activity on the planet is moving to the forefront of the public conversation.

In this section you can read about how ecological limits, overshoot and the Ecological Footprint are being covered in the media; check out radio and television interviews with members of our staff; and get updates about our most recent activities through our newsletter. On our publications page, learn about and download Global Footprint Network reports, like our recent reports on the Ecological Footprints of China and African Nations.

Our case stories section shows how the Ecological Footprint is being employed in countries and cities around the world. Learn, for example, how Calgary is using the Footprint as it develops infrastructure to meet the needs of a booming population, and follow our progress in our work with national governments to make the Ecological Footprint a key sustainability indicator.