Ecological Footprint in Ecuador, New Collaborations

Global Footprint Network - 09/14/2012 05:13 PM

Mathis Wackernagel, President of Global Footprint Network, was in Quito, Ecuador at the invitation of the Ministry of Tourism to speak at the Inter-American Tourism Congress XX. The conference was part of the larger Conscious Tourism Congress.

Mathis spoke about the Ecological Footprint and underscored the current trends toward ecological overshoot.

“We have limited resources and unlimited wants. You have to think about tourism within this reality. We do not want to decrease the growth of tourism, but we need to see to what extent it will produce opportunities or harm,” he said.

After the talk on the conference’s inaugural day, Mathis met with the heads of several government agencies, including the Minister of the Environment (Mercy Borbor) and the Minister of Non-Renewable Resources, who expressed interest in working closer with Global Footprint Network.

Mathis emphasized the importance of signing the Interagency Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry of Environment, a three-year collaboration that follows up on our previous work with Ecuador.  Global Footprint Network and the Ministry of Environment will work together in the implementation of a project called “Identification, Calculation and Mitigation of the Ecological Footprint and Productive Public Sector of Ecuador.”

In November, Global Footprint Network will be hosting some personnel from the Ministry of Environment to conduct technical training.

Ecuador is the first nation to incorporate the Ecological Footprint into its National Plan, committing itself to maintain its Ecological Footprint at a level within what its ecosystems can renew.

Watch Mathis giving an interview:

For more, visit Ecuador’s Ministry of the Environment website.

Image from Ecuador Ministry of the Environment (MAE)


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