Mathis and Susan Interviewed at Skoll World Forum

06/01/2010 06:12 PM

Data on resource limits will be the critical intelligence for the 21st century, Mathis and Susan say in a Global X interview sponsored by the Skoll World Forum. The two discuss why they launched Global Footprint Network. “Our work is so much data driven, and yet it’s so much about life,” Susan says. “And it’s not about future generations anymore. It’s about my life, our son’s life,” Mathis reflects.

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Excellent post. I learned a lot reading it. Thanks.

I agree that the tests of “Your Footprint” has awakened a lot of people, even if it is quite impossible to do a test that suits every corner of this world.
In Finland the biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, had this test (a little bit adapted though) on the net-version, on the first page. The test gave a huge response. It was some 6 months ago and now everyone here seems to know what the Footprint means.

That is good. We area bunch of guys that tries to “copyleft” all kind of “How to”-stuff, in order to make the footprint lighter. Mostly about building homes from waste and natural materials, how to make the logging of woods and the saw-mill process as light as possible, how to build a sawmill from waste, save electricity in production, amusement-parks without tech etc.
Our blog has free drawings and the blue-prints will also be free for everyone. We aim to begin to build these very sustainable objects a.s.a.p. and hope that we would get many others thinking (and publishing) how to produce from waste, local materials and with a minimum of transportation.


Thanks to both of you for your continued efforts in educating us about enviro-accounting!

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