New Footprint Data to be Released this Month

05/15/2010 09:51 PM

Later this month, Global Footprint Network will release its 2009 National Footprint Accounts, with the latest data on the Ecological Footprint and biocapacity of over 100 nations and humanity as a whole. 

The accounts reflect continued refinements and improvements to the methodology, developed in conjunction with Global Footprint Network’s National Accounts Review Committee, made up of representatives of Global Footprint Network staff and partner organizations, in particular academic institutions.

The accounts include the most updated figures as to humanity’s global Ecological Footprint and how that compares with biocapacity. They will also include rankings of Ecological Footprint per capita for over 100 nations, as well as revised maps showing which countries have an ecological deficit and which have an ecological surplus. Check for the most recent facts and figures.



Penghargaan setinggi-tingginya atas kerja keras tim yang penuh dedikasi.

Where is the “latest data on the Ecological Footprint and biocapacity of over 100 cities being posted”? I think it’s critical to take this to a city-scale. If this is being done, can someone please point me to this data? This would be quite useful to me. Thanks.

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