2012 Standards Update

08/15/2011 11:20 PM

Global Footprint has launched a comprehensive review and update of its Ecological Footprint Standards, to be released in 2012.  The standards (available here) establish best practices to govern the use and applicability of the Footprint method, allowing users everywhere to employ the Footprint across a wide range of approaches and applications while maintaining consistency, credibility, and integrity of results.

The Standards update, done a minimum of every three years, seeks to address gaps and challenges in existing guidelines, make the Footprint more widely usable and comparable across applications, and strengthen the quality and consistency of its use.

Global Footprint Network invites all Footprint users and stakeholders to provide input into this process. 

We are now   accepting input for the first draft of updates for the 2012 Ecological Footprint   Standards. This public input period will last until November 1, 2011.  There   will also be two 60-day public review and comment periods, one review of the   first draft in winter of 2011/12, and one review of the second draft in   spring/summer 2012. The final standards will be published in the fall of   2012.

After   reviewing the 2009 Ecological Footprint Standards, if you have any   recommendations for updates please submit suggestions to standards@footprintnetwork.org. Serious   recommendations will be presented to the Ecological Footprint Standards   committee for consideration.  Individual responses to specific recommendations   will depend on the volume of recommendations received.  Note: if you are a   member of our Partner Network, please include the word ‘PARTNER’ capitalized in the subject line of your email.

For more details, see the Application Standards page of our website.




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