The Footprint Steps Into Latin America

12/19/2007 07:51 PM

Global Footprint Network and the Ecological Footprint recently played a prominent role at Clima Latino, the largest conference on climate change ever held in Latin America. Hosted by the Community of Andean Nations (Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia), the Republic of Ecuador, and the Ecuadorian cities of Quito and Guayaquil, the conference was attended by 1550 participants from 40 countries. Held consecutively in the two cities from 15-18 October, 2007, Global Footprint Network was represented by its Senior Scientist Steve Goldfinger, who gave a well-received plenary presentation and helped lead two workshops.

One of the most exciting outcomes for Global Footprint Network from this well-organized event will be a research collaboration with the nation of Ecuador. At the concluding ceremony of the conference, Steve signed agreements on behalf of Global Footprint Network with Mr. Lenin Moreno, Vice President of Ecuador, for a collaborative review of the country’s National Footprint Accounts, and with Mr. Paco Moncayo, Mayor of Quito, to help conduct an Ecological Footprint study of the Ecuadorian capitol city. Steve also met with Guayaquil Mayor Jaime Nabot to coordinate a Footprint analysis of that city.

Global Footprint Network was invited to participate in this historic event by prominent Ecuadorian architect Juan Alfonso Peña and by Freddy Ehlers, Secretary-General of the Community of Andean Nations. Mr. Peña was a key organizer of the conference and designer of the beautiful official conference publication, which prominently featured the Footprint; Mr. Ehlers has been instrumental in promoting the Ecological Footprint throughout Latin America, introducing it to government leaders at home and at the recent United Nations General Assembly meeting, and in numerous television and radio interviews. With budding research collaborations and influential Footprint enthusiasts at our side, we hope to bring the Ecological Footprint into a central role in Latin American policy-making.

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