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02/25/2010 11:22 PM

Licenses for the 2009 National Footprint Accounts are now available from Global Footprint Network. The licenses offer access the spreadsheets used to calculate the national-level Ecological Footprint and biological capacity of more than 240 countries and territories from 1961-2006.

In addition, Global Footprint Network is also presenting its data in a new format called a Consumption Land-use Matrix (CLUM). The CLUM breaks down the overall demand of a nation by activity categories (industrial sectors) in way that allows governments to analyze policy options and test Footprint-reduction scenarios. We now have developed CLUMs for 42 nations and are licensing them to partners. For more information about CLUMs, please contact Meredith Stechbart,

National Footprint Account licenses are available in formats to serve a number of purposes. They include:
• free Academic Editions for anyone interested in learning more about Footprint calcuations and data sets
• Project Edition for practitioners completing paid or commercial projects;
• Research Editions for academics, governments and agencies conducting research into the Accounts of a specific country; and
• Tools Editions for Footprint practitioners who will integrate data from the National Footprint Accounts into commercial tools for Footprint analysis.

Partners of Global Footprint Network receive a special free Partner Project Edition, which includes additional technical support and time-series data.
Click here for more information.

To order a license, please contact



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