Video Tells Toll of UAE’s Heavy Footprint

06/03/2010 08:31 PM

A new video from Emirates Wildlife Society – WWF brings the concept of the Ecological Footprint to life, with animated newspaper cutouts that tell a colorful story about the effects of excessive resource consumption.

The United Arab Emirates has one of the highest per capita Ecological Footprints in the world. With 57 percent of the UAE’s Ecological Footprint coming from household consumption, the combined effects of changes in individual choices could have a measurable impact on the country’s Footprint as a whole. The video highlights a number of achievable changes that citizens can make to help reduce their Footprints. Among other helpful advice, the video suggests people consume less imported goods, use public transportation, reduce waste and make better consumer choices. The video specifically talks about the UAE, yet these tips could apply to anyone looking to reduce their own Footprint.

Read about the United Arab Emirates Ecological Footprint Initiative



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