What’s the Footprint of Your Household?

02/25/2010 10:22 PM

The Salome family in Long Island, NY, pays a whopping $20,000 in utilities a year, in part to keep indoor and outdoor hot tubs percolating at a toasty 104 F. The women of Rutger’s University’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority house haul some 1,120 plastic bottles to the curb each month – a total of $13,440 each year! The Poisler family’s historic 1800s home and its vintage 1970s appliances generate hundreds of dollars of heating and energy bills each month.

Into these hefty Footprint households enter Annabelle Gurwitch and Holter Graham, hosts of Discovery Planet Green’s “WA$TED!”  Now in its second season, WA$TED! continues to entertain and educate viewers by featuring the Ecological Footprint of average Americans. With the help of a Footprint calculator built especially for the series by Global Footprint Network and expert advice from Global Footprint Network partner BioRegional , the show’s crew tallies each household’s Ecological Footprint, then guides them toward simple, low-cost ways to “green up” their act.

To bring the experience to individual viewers, Planet Green has launched Global Footprint Networks’ customized household calculator on its Web site for viewers who want to calculate their own household Ecological Footprint. Similarly to the show, the quiz takes the participant through a series of questions about their daily lifestyle choices – from food to goods to shelter to mobility, revealing how many planets it would take if everyone lived like the residents of their household and providing simple steps for Footprint reduction.

Click here to take the quiz and calculate the Ecological Footprint of your household.



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