WWF Cymru Launches One Planet Wales Report and Campaign

07/19/2010 03:07 AM

Global Footprint Network partner WWF Cymru has launched an ambitious ‘One Planet Wales’ Campaign to move Welsh citizens towards high quality, low Footprint lives – with the goal of living within the means of one planet by 2050. Central to the campaign is the recently released One Planet Wales report, authored by WWF Cymru and the Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology, University of Manchester. The report outlines the path forward to reach the 75% reduction in Wales’ Ecological Footprint that will be required to meet the 2050 target.

“To reach this goal,” said Joe Ravetz, report author from the Centre for Urban and Regional Ecology, “there has to be a new system of production and consumption, where business success depends on resource efficiency and consumer value depends on quality rather than quantity.”

Currently, if everyone in the world consumed natural resources and generated carbon dioxide like the average Welshman, we would need three planets to support us. With business-as-usual policies, Wales’ Footprint will increase 30 percent by 2050, primarily due to growth in air travel and in the food and drink sector.

WWF Cymru hopes that Wales’ national leadership adopts the report as a guideline to sustainable development for the nation. “To achieve this,” said Morgan Parry, Head of WWF Cymru, “we need collective action by the Welsh Assembly Government, local authorities, businesses, communities and individuals. We all have an essential role to play.”

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What do Welsh women do? Is it only men who consume 3 planets? Perhaps Welsh women have more sense than the men. Surely if you have enough intelligence to do the report, you’ve got enough to recognise there are more than just men in Wales!

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