Announcement: Ecological Debt Video Contest Now Open!

11/29/2007 06:51 PM

Telling a complex story in an interesting way is challenging. Leonardo Di Caprio and Al Gore did it. And so can you! The recent documentaries about environmental degradation, the depletion of resources, and climate change showed the power of video to help people to understand scientific concepts.

October 6th marked Ecological Debt Day – the day when humanity has consumed all the resources the planet will produce this year. Currently, we are using resources 30 percent faster that they can regenerate - we are living in ecological overshoot and contributing to a mounting ecological debt. After concluding our successful media outreach campaign for Ecological Debt Day, Global Footprint Network has partnered with Planet2025 Network and EPA Victoria to launch an online Ecological Debt Video Contest. The contest asks participants to submit short videos about the challenge of ecological overshoot, and will be running until the end of January 2008.

There are many ways of communicating this somewhat simple concept. And this is where you can help! By participating in the Ecological Debt Video Contest you can show your skills as an amateur or professional video maker. In 2-3 minutes your video clip should address the questions: What is overshoot? And why does it matter? For the next two months you can submit videos, vote on submissions, and encourage others to participate in the contest as well. Videos will be judged and prizes will be awarded in February. Please contribute however you can – this is a great opportunity to visualize and expand the public conversation about overshoot, and help us get new ideas about how to communicate the most important issue of our time.

Together, we can envision a path towards living within the means of one planet.

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