Data Licenses

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National Accounts and Country Risk Rankings data are available under license for academic and commercial purposes. In order to help fund the annual calculation and ongoing improvements to the National Footprint Accounts, we charge fees for the licensing of the National Footprint Accounts data.

National Footprint Account Data Licenses

Public Data Package – Free Download For general use. •Latest (2012) per capita Ecological Footprint and biocapacity results for 186 countries.

•Graphics of time-trend (1961-2012) Footprint and biocapacity results for all countries.

•World Ecological Footprint and biocapacity time series and graphs.

•Data quality scores for all countries in the Standard Edition.
Premium Edition

Please contact us for more information.
Commercial users, particularly in the finance industry; users who require more data than available in Public Data package. •Results for the current year using a now-casting method to extend observed data to the present time.

•Full results (consumption, biocapacity, production, and trade broken down by land type) for either one year or a full time series (1961-2015).
Starts at €700 for basic results of a single country and year.
Standard Edition

Please contact us for more information.
Commercial users and users who require more data than available in Public Data package.

For academic uses and research purposes, license fee can be waived.
Basic or full Ecological Footprint and biocapacity results up to the latest observed data year for one or more countries. Starts at €500 for the basic time series results of a single country.

Country Risk Rankings

Country Risk Rankings provide the latest results for 132 countries on the extent to which national economies are exposed to natural resource risk. The ERISC methodology relies on Global Footprint Network’s Ecological Footprint and biocapacity accounts, a set of resource accounts for more than 260 countries with time trends dating back to 1961. The Ecological Footprint’s focus on renewable biological resources (such as fisheries, forests, cropland and grazing land) is supplemented with data on non-renewable natural resources including fossil fuels, metals and minerals to provide a more comprehensive definition of natural resource risk. Please contact us for more information.

National Footprint Account Workbook Licenses

National Footprint Accounts Workbook Licenses provide the opportunity for academics and researchers to view the full calculations for the National Footprint Accounts, as explained in the Working Guidebook to the National Footprint Accounts 2016. Each country and year has one EXCEL workbook of (about 4 megabytes each). The workbooks include all data on production, trade, and the calculations used to determine the Ecological Footprint and biocapacity.

All of the workbook licenses below include the following data and features:

     •Complete, fully functioning calculation spreadsheets for a select country and year.

     •Footprint Intensity Table that provides the data necessary for translating resource      consumption into Ecological Footprint area.

Workbook Learning License Registered academics and students seeking to learn more about Ecological Footprint calculations and data sets. 2015 (data year 2011)

Includes spreadsheets for the world and one representative nation (Hungary).
Workbook Research License Academics, researchers and government agencies who would like to conduct research on the National Footprint Accounts of a specific country.

Allows users to modify the data sources and methods in the National Footprint Accounts and publish their results.

May not be used for commercial projects.
2016 (up to data year 2012)

All countries available.
Starts at €580 for a single country, single year for one project. Academic researchers can apply for fee waiver.
Workbook Project License Organizations interested in completing commercial projects that use National Footprint Accounts data sets.

Allow users to complete robust, comparable, and standards- compliant Ecological Footprint analyses.

It also covers Footprint practitioners who integrate National Footprint Accounts data into commercial tools that they will distribute or sub-license to other users.
2016 (up to data year 2012)

All countries available.
Starts at €1,160 for a single country, single year for one project.