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The current Ecological Footprint Accounts are a strong first step towards comprehensive resource accounting, providing reliable, comparable estimates that give broad indications of current pressures on ecosystems and historical changes over time. With the help of these existing accounts, the Ecological Footprint has become one of the most successful and widely applied sustainability communication and education tools in history.

Although these accounts are the most robust and comprehensive currently available, the National Footprint Accounts remain a work in progress. Our ongoing research program is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the accounts and ensuring that the accounts reflect the broadest scientific consensus. Global Footprint Network and its Partners worldwide, in order to ensure that improvements continue while avoiding the appearance of fragmentation and related confusion, comply with the terms of the Partnership agreement and National Footprint Accounts Research Edition License. The National Accounts committee oversees the adoption of improvements and incorporation of new research. Contact us at for more information on our ongoing research program and ways to contribute.

Changes to the National Footprint Accounts are approved by the National Accounts Committee.