Comitato degli Standard

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The Standards Committee is one of two committees overseeing scientific review procedures and standards for Footprint calculations. The Standards Committee develops standards and recommends strategies to ensure that the Footprint is applied and reported in a consistent and appropriate manner in all key domains, at a variety of scales, and over time.

The Committees Charter provides more detail on the objectives and procedures for the committee.

Standards Committee

Alfredo Rosso, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial
Caroline Noller, The Footprint Company Pty Ltd
Cathrine Armour, Abu Dhabi Global Data Initiative
Craig Simmons, Best Foot Forward
Ertug Ercin, Water Footprint Network
Fernando Giannetti Biagio, Instituto Jatobás
Katsunori Iha, Global Footprint Network
Gondran Natacha, ENS des Mines de Saint-Etienne
Jane Glavan, Abu Dhabi Global Data Initiative
Jane Hersey, BioRegional Development Group
João Salvador Furtado, Instituto Jatobás
Luca Fernando Ruini, Barilla
Maria Csutora, Corvinus University of Budapest
Miroslav Havranek, Charles University Environment Center
Monika Besenyei, KÖVET Association for Sustainable Econiomies
Simone Bastianoni, University of Siena – Ecodynamics Group
Valentina Niccolucci, University of Siena – Ecodynamics Group
Wolfgang Pekny, Plattform Footprint
Simon Cordingley, (Moderator) Compass Professional Development Ltd
Joy Larson, (Coordinator) Global Footprint Network