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About the Global Footprint Network
We coordinate international research and work with the sustainability community to develop methodological standards that protect and enhance the credibility of the Ecological Footprint tool.

Synergy Through Partnership

Craig Simmons (BBF) and Mathis Wackernagel
Since our success depends on involved partners, we are thrilled and proud to announce our first four: WWF International, Best Foot Forward, Stockholm Environmental Institute and EPA Victoria. We are in conversation with dozens of other organizations and will announce new partners in subsequent newsletters.
We invite organizations with shared goals to partner with us in strengthening the Footprint and enhancing its value as a catalyst for sustainability. Any organization whose work is aligned with our mission is eligible for partnership and partners receive many tangible benefits including technical support and the opportunity to serve on scientific advisory committees. Read on to learn more about our partners.
WWF International, located in Gland, Switzerland is the secretariat for WWF, the world's largest conservation organization. Its role is to lead and coordinate the WWF Network of offices around the world, through developing policies and priorities, fostering global partnerships, and coordinating international campaigns. The Global Footprint Network is working with WWF International to produce the new (2004) release of it's biennial Living Planet Report.
Best Foot Forward, founded in 1997 by Nicky Chambers and Craig Simmons, is one of Europe's leading sustainability consultancies specialising in Ecological Footprinting and other natural resource accounting methodologies. BFF has just completed Ecological Footprint Studies for Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as for the National Health Service, the largest organization in Europe.
Stockholm Environment Institute, an independent, international research institute specializing in sustainable development and environment issues. SEI is doing pioneering Ecological Footprinting work throughout Europe. For more information visit the SEI website.
EPA Victoria (Australia) is one of the most innovative environmental agencies around. EPA uses the Ecological Footprint concept to communicate about sustainability and to catalyze behavior change among industry, universities and the public. Learn more about EPA Victoria's programs.
Learn more about partnership opportunities with the Global Footprint Network.