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About the Global Footprint Network
We coordinate international research and work with the sustainability community to develop methodological standards that protect and enhance the credibility of the Ecological Footprint tool.

Laying the Groundwork for Standards

Dan Moran, Director, National Accounts and Steve Goldfinger, Director, Research and Standards talk with Stewart Bond, WWF-UK
Many organizations around the world have developed Ecological Footprinting applications for cities, regions, products and processes. Over the past 6 months The Global Footprint Network has met with scores of organizations by phone and in face-to-face meetings in Europe, South America, the US, and Australia to listen to the community and collect advice and perspectives. We've found great enthusiasm about the possibility of harmonizing Footprint methodologies. Although our formal standards process won't begin until later this year, our exploration is resulting in exciting possibilities and ideas.
For example we have been in a fruitful dialogue with Australia's leading Ecological Footprint practitioners including, Manfred Lenzen, Professor at the University of Sydney and Tim Grant of RMIT, a technical university. As a result, the Global Footprint Network and EPA Victoria are partnering with The University of Sydney to calculate the Footprint of the State of Victoria, Australia and are working with RMIT on other projects in Australia. These collaborative projects are an opportunity for practitioners to learn about and harmonize methodologies.
Link: Learn more about the standards process