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Our mission is to promote a sustainable economy by advancing the Ecological Footprint, a measurement tool that makes the reality of planetary limits relevant to decision-makers.

The United Kingdom Moves Toward a One Planet Economy
Prime Minister Tony Blair, with the launch of the government's Sustainable Development Framework, has endorsed a radical new plan to shift the UK economy towards a 'One Planet Economy.' To support this plan, WWF has produced a new report, Ecological Budget UK - Counting Consumption, which estimates that meeting this goal will require a 75 percent reduction in the UK's Ecological Footprint.


WWF acknowledges that while this is an incredibly challenging target, it is essential for long-term sustainability. This means a 3 per cent annual reduction in the UK's Ecological Footprint, set against a projected economic growth rate averaging 2.25 per cent per year. This implies a major 'decoupling' of economic and material growth, which has occurred in the UK to some extent, but would need to be accelerated.

The report, launched on the 7th of March, was written in collaboration with Global Footprint Network partner Stockholm Environment Institute and with the Centre for Urban & Regional Ecology (CURE). It provides a vital evidence base to help policy makers better understand the issues of sustainable consumption and production in the UK. Using comprehensive physical resource flow accounts, the report divides production and consumption in the UK into 123 economic sectors and 54 socio-economic groups, sorted by every English region. The report concludes that if everyone used as much of the earth's natural resources as the average UK resident, we would need three planets to support us.

"The UK Government must now make the idea of a 'One Planet Economy' a reality," said Stuart Bond, WWF Footprint Coordinator and co-author of the report. "It must address a much bigger global impact created from imported products and materials that are currently not yet even accounted for."

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