Discovery’s WASTED Footprints Average Americans

07/19/2010 03:03 AM

Discovery Communications is launching a new 24/7 eco-lifestyle television channel, “Planet Green”, with an original 10-part series, WA$TED, that features the Ecological Footprint of average Americans. 

WA$TED!’s aim is to prove that American homeowners don’t have to be extreme to be green. Each week the show’s comic host and “green” handyman audit an American household’s waste, energy, water and transportation consumption and put the household on a “green regime” to clean up their act. The WA$TED! crew guides the participants in greening their homes, with the help of expert advice from Global Footprint Network partner BioRegional and a Footprint calculator built especially for the series by Global Footprint Network.

After three weeks of the green regime, the crew measures the household’s progress and dolls out cash: the cost savings of improvements in energy efficiency and waste reduction are calculated, multiplied out to one year’s worth of savings, and offered as prize money to participants. The show concept is brought to the US from New Zealand, where it has and has been an entertaining and eco-educational hit series.

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Posted by Robia Moulds on 04/05/2009 at 05:14 PM

This series has assisted me in being able to reduce the level of my “footprint” that I’m making.  Unfortunately this calculater isn’t asking me the actual key questions to show the amount that I’ve reduced it. 

My Landlord in the last 5 years has replace my waterheater, furnace, fridge, and washer with more eco-friendly units.  I’ve replaced most of my lightbulbs with the new florencent ones, replaced shower heads, go to the farmers market when open (MN has an tendency to close open air markets during the winter), three people share one car so there is never a time that there isn’t two or more individuals inside it.  Recycling is manditory for Minneapolis or they charge you extra and I recently found out that our energy source is the beautiful Mississippi River. 

I may not have won any money that some of the people on the show have received, BUT the savings that have incurred I do consider myself a Winner.  My gas bill, energy bill, and household expense was reduce by 2/3 last year and that was with the gas prices being through the roof expensive. 

Thank you so much WASTED for pointing out the little things that have help my household reduce our footprint and save us MONEY.

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