Future-proof Your Business: Understanding Business Strategy in the Face of Ecological Limits

05/11/2009 08:07 PM

Global Footprint Network is pleased to announce two sessions it will lead at the Sustainable Brands 2009 Conference in Monterey, Calif., May 31-June 4.

On June 4th, Global Footprint Network CEO Susan Burns will lead a special workshop on the topic Future-proof Your Business: Understanding Business Strategy in the Face of Ecological Limits. The workshop will help business leaders prepare for the key resource challenges humanity will face in the coming years, and uncover ideas and opportunities for pioneering the way toward a resource-efficient future. The discussion marks the first of our Global Footprint Dialogues, which will bring together leading thinkers and change-makers to foster the innovation we will need to end ecological overshoot.

On Monday, June 1st, 12:15 - 12:30 pm, Global Footprint Network Executive Director Mathis Wackernagel will speak on the subject:  Thinking Beyond Carbon; Understanding Carrying Capacity and the Full Ecological Footprint of Business.

The Sustainable Brands Conference is the premier place for business strategists, product designers and brand executives to stay on the cutting edge of the discussion about sustainability as a driver of business opportunity and brand value.  Both the program and the faculty serving this year’s conference are simply outstanding. I urge you and your team to consider joining me in Monterey to fuel your strategic thinking as well as strengthen your company’s sustainable design and brand communications skills. Click here to check out the stellar list of speakers. Click here to see the Conference Program. Click here to see who will be attending.


Posted by BHAVIK GANDHI on 11/25/2009 at 07:58 AM

The almighty has given us the occasion to take birth in Human “Yoni” and all Human Beings are to do the work and they should be good for the Humanity in whole.
It is said:
“Jaisa Anna Waisa Mann”
and also
“As you Sow so you Reap”
Besides as every Human Being does some work but if the same is for betterment of Human Beings in general and for the society, along with self help there is no match to said work and it is said that this is real worship, of MOTHER NATURE.
It is in this background a programme is given here in below which not only will serve society in general but also the Persons who initiate it.
It is also important to keep in mind while going through it, that we should not only concentrate on financial aspect only, but on NEED of conserving resources of Mother Nature for Generations of Humanity to come by in Future, also.
So if we as Human Being take onto ourselves the duty of striking a Balance in Nature with Nature then definitely the Future Generations will ever remain Thankful to us for initiating the process. And moreover Mother Nature will ever remain pleased on us, and bless us forever for our efforts.

“Shree Ganeshaya Namah”

Need meaning need for making life more Purposeful and in such a manner so as to make it (life) to be one with the Universe around us.
Purposeful meaning we as human being should try to see that we do not disturb the chain of nature i.e., we should not exploit any particular object of Nature for our benefit, but try to preserve it by exploiting the whole of it simultaneously, so that we don’t disturb the Balance of Nature by which we do not take risk of eliminating many a useful thing from the list of Nature’s Creation.

It is felt many a time in the past that when a particular thing in Nature is exploited to a large extent without ensuring recycling of same to that level of exploitation and thinking of the consequences we risk losing so many thing in bargain and even the thing which we exploit. For example when we started cutting forest for cultivation we never thought at that time that if we continue to cut the forest cover over a period of time a time will come when we will not have a forest except for namesake and after that there will be no forest to be cut for use in cultivation and so no cultivation.
So the main purpose of this venture is to ensure that we exploit everything in Nature in Balance, so that in the process we earn a better living for ourselves and for Humanity in General and above that we also Protect Nature of its Balance, ensuring a better life for generations to come, who will walk over the foot prints we have left behind and maintain the Balance for Next Generation to follow. So we should start a process by which we will be considered as pioneer in conserving & maintaining the Nature’s Balance and making that our source of livelihood. So the main purpose of starting the venture will be to exploit the Natures Bountifulness in its whole form rather than in part and risk losing it or its importance over a period of time. So for that purpose the NEED for such a venture got pregnant with the idea of starting a process which will try to exploit Nature for the benefit of Humanity in such a balanced way that there will be no time in future where we will feel that it (venture) has lost its prevalence at any given period of time in future. While ensuring that, we will always find a scope for expansion within our venture only. Which in other words is better explained “we will always find that Horizon is always there where it was when we had started as, when we try to reach a particular point in process we will be pushing it again ourselves to a new limit. Thereby ensuring that the cycle to go on like this for ever and ever”. In my opinion a Business Venture initiated on these principles will definitely reach skies, and thereby ensuring, even sky also is not the limit, and will also ensure that our feet’s are as firm as on ground as they were ever before.
There is a old proverb which goes like this: - “the sure way to men’s heart is through his stomach.” One of our basic principle of this venture will be to ensure that we reach to a men’s stomach in such a Pure, Natural, Hygienic, and Pleasing Manner that we will automatically capture not only his heart but also his mind both conscious and sub conscious, thereby ensuring a customer not only for his lifetime but also lifetime of the generations of his to come in future.
Now let me say what I mean by Pure, Natural, Hygienic, and Pleasing.
Pure Meaning: - “Pure in its total form. As a particular item is supposed to be in its form, fixed by Nature.
Natural Meaning: - Natural Process is indeed being followed in producing a particular item, as it is fixed by Nature.
Hygienic Meaning: - “Hygienic Standards are being maintained all through to ensure that any item doesn’t get contaminated in any way or in any form at no point of time.
Pleasing meaning: -“If we ensure that 3 steps mentioned above are really taken care of in true spirit and conveyed to our customers effectively, then definitely it is going to be a pleasing experience for our customers to relish the use of our products & services and feel that whatever I am using is definitely Pure as it should be indeed, and Natural process is definitely followed for producing these items under strictly adhered to Hygienic Principles thereby ensuring good Health & Mind not only for myself but also for my near and dear ones and above all for good of Mother Nature, who will ensure that it will remain this much grateful, as it is today to us, for my generations to come. So it will definitely going to give a feeling of satisfaction to our customer that by using our products & services he is doing something for Mother Nature and asserting that this feeling of his Pleasantness will be there for his generations to come by in future. And in process we have not only one customer but also customer for generations to come and thereby ensuring for ourselves Business for Generations for our Venture Organisation.

NEED for this kind of Venture.
As I am in Business of grinding Wheat for Atta, Gramdal for Besan, Turmeric, Chilies, Coriander, Zeera, Black pepper. I am always made to think by my conscious as to whether I can really assure my customers about Purity, Hygienic conditions were being adhered to before it comes to our place for grinding, Natural Process was indeed followed before it came to us for grinding and lastly I can only assure Pleasant Condition from when it has come for Grinding and not before that I always find my hands tied about giving full assurances to my customers that indeed Purity, Hygienic conditions & Natural process was prime concern of our supplier as it is supposed to be, thereby ensuring total Pleasantness of having such products.

  So from this Need of giving total assurance to our customers, as we are in this trade we know how people can be cheated of all the three conditions and thereby robbing the customers of the Pleasantness of using a particular Product, which he has a right to get. This idea came to me as to why not start a venture by which we can ensure all the 3 conditions right from the sowing of seed to the final products we sell thereby ensuring many things in return we have a Pleasant Customer and thereby ensuring that Mother Nature is also pleased and our conscious sleeps well in night peacefully being satisfied that we have served our customers to the fullest extent.

In phase One.
We should look for land most likely say 500 acres if so required in future we can acquire more adjacent to it.
Type of Land

1.  Not much far from town area nor much near to town area say within 50 to 70 Kms from town area .
2.  Not necessarily a good fertile land but with availability of water and electricity is a must and also we should plan for rain harvesting.
3.  Should be region with a good rainfall.
4.  Should be near to National Highway or state Highway for effective transportation cost.
When we acquire our first phase of land then we should first map it in such a way that it should look like a single entity. Such as we should plant trees, whose wood are not a problem in selling and whose fruits we can sell also, along the boundary in first ring.
Then we should leave that much of space for second ring. Again that much of space for third ring & in fourth ring we should plant Trees of Value such as Teak. Again in the fifth ring we should plant Medicinal Plants or say Cash Plants which can be encashed in regular monthly or bi - monthly depending upon which plant is in more demand in market and can be grown fastly and encashed in regular shifts or short interval. Each of four rings for Plantation are to follow a shadow Ring in various types, details of which can be taken care of in appropriate time.

The purpose of planting mango trees in first ring is, First these trees are considered as auspicious and its wood is used in many a religious work and has much commercial use. By say in 10 years when it is full grown we can cut them and sell its wood and encash it, but on fifth year we should start Planting on the second ring so that when the time of cutting of first ring comes the tree on the second ring are half ready. So after cutting the first ring we should again start planting it, so that by the time of cutting of second ring the tree in the first ring are half ready. So like this process goes on and on.
Like wise for third & fourth ring. But here if we keep a time of say 15 years for third ring then the trees on the fourth will not be cut in the same time. When the trees of the third ring will be cut after say 15 years, soon after the cutting the ring should be replanted with the same teak plants. So in another say 15 years the trees on the fourth ring will be say of 30 years and trees on the third ring will be of 15 years old by then. So here one can imagine the value of woods, which the company will have in just, thirty years time.

In the meanwhile on the fifth ring by that time we would already have many cycles completed and would have encashed the same.
On one corner of the plot after the fifth ring we should have dense forest cover of say 20 to 30 acres which will be used by our scientist as laboratory for research work. We can have a lab right in middles of that area for their research work. This will be discussed later on ad there is so much to be discussed on this subject.
Now from here on we will have our day to day working space. Such as these: -
1.  We will breakup the space in blocks of say 5 acres on which roads in between the blocks for easy access.
2.  These blocks for harvesting of say 5 acres will be covered by glass from all the sides and top with gate on each side. Inside we will cultivate everything, which we want. Here above said covered because we can control the atmosphere according to our requirement of crops we plan to cultivate in particular block. So in the process we will not have to wait for the seasons of a particular item to be produced or in other words we can have as many harvesting as we can like in any seasons without bothering about the season outside the covered area.

3.  Then we should have a place for storing the crops after cutting and cleaning. Thereafter from here the products will go to the processing unit where it will be processed, stored and sold as and when required.

(a)  Here one thing should be kept in mind that for storing of pulses of all kind, wheat and rice we should have underground storage facility which is considered good as it (the underground storage facility) will be more of a controlled atmosphere condition, so the process of decaying will be minimal.
(b)  For storing of Atta, Besan and such other likely products the storing facility should be above the ground.

If we achieve these above mentioned and are able to market it effectively then I am sure that if a person who eats anything prepared from these items will never ever switch over to any other Brands than ours. Here one thing should be kept in mind that if though there are several Brands in market of finished raw materials such as Atta, Besan, other powdered food items but there is no Branding on whole raw materials such as Wheat, Pulses of different varieties, Turmeric, Chilies except famous of such and such states where it is grown in abundance (such as Chilies of Guntur, Gujrat, Rajasthan etc. Zeera of Unjha, Wheat of UP, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Gujrat etc. without any Branding hence in such situation we can exploit to our benefit). Also we can exploit this present situation on a later stage when we decide to expand our farming facility, through out the country and have dedicated farming in each state, e.g., if we decide to set up a unit in Punjab there we can grow only wheat on every blocks with other things remaining the same.
4.  Like wise is the process with green vegetables if we can guaranty that all the things which go in cultivation those are Pure, Natural, Hygienic process is followed then people will definitely buy our products, because nobody wants to eat day in and day out things produced by using hybrid technology. As now a days it is trend in farming community of rampant use of chemicals & pesticides to have more yield per acres but in the process not only, they make their land infertile after a given period of time but also, firstly, slow poisoned Products are pushed to Public, resulting in discovering a new type of disease almost on daily basis and which are not easy to treat and secondly, they cut forest cover for cultivation and then again making those land uncultivable after a period of time. In the process we as Humanity lose forest cover slowly and its effect is well known to everybody as what all it heads to for example rising temperature, rising ocean level, depletion of glaciers, forest cover and what not.
5.  So if we start a venture of this kind then I am sure we will definitely succeed as we will be trying to slow the process of exhausting the mother earth of her resources and will be exploiting it on a mare natural and more balanced manner.
So here is the time for answering the question which might have come to your mind before that why I said while selecting a land not so fertile while our aim is farming. The answer is “as we will be having a covered area for farming under controlled conditions we will also see to it that soil which we use is also conditioned and after each harvest we will check the condition of soil whether it is perfect and then only we will proceed for another harvesting otherwise first we will change the soil and then proceed. But here two questions will come to our mind first from where we will have a new soil and secondly what we will do to old soil. Let me answer second one first we can start a new department for business from here i.e., we will start manufacturing Earthenware for use in cooking, eating and which will be of the nature of single use & throw and in attractive design and colours and which is also trend now a days and it will be accepted in the markets easily. Now the answer for first question we can easily make arrangement for replacing the old soil with new one as we will construct those blocks in such a manner that it won’t take much time and Labour to change it. I am not sure but there should be some way of treating the soil for over a period of time and again it becomes fertile and for this we will need an expert who can advice us on recycling of soil.
As for the use of Earthenware we can promote these ware and urge people to use as they are more natural and food prepared in theses utensil and consumed in these Earthenware are more hygienic and good for health. And also we can start a new trend in marketing Earthenware with a Brand Name which is known Nationally and as such it will be new field where there is literally no competition at National level for this. For this also we can have a processing unit in house. We can also have it in all the sizes and shapes even the big sturdier ones for use in functions and community lunches. For this we can either market it on our own with offices all over the country and appoint dealers and take orders to supply as per requirement.

We can also start a chain of departmental store across India to market Products, which will be guaranteed by us and as our products under our Brand Name. We can also have chain of vegetables and fruit stall across many cities for example we can appoint dealers who will exclusively sell our ground vegetables, fruit & milk in every suburb whichever comes near our project site or where ever we feel we can get a good price for our produces and which we can sell under our Brand Name. Here one thing is to be noticed that is we will be selling every thing common people use right from the start of his day, under our BRAND NAME, and a time will come when our Brand Name will be synonymous with a man’s life.
Now here comes the idea of having a Health Spa cum Hotel right inside our project which we should make in such a way that only the super rich section of the society can avail its services as it will be one of our cash route. If possible we should have a small airstrip attached to our Health Spa cum hotel for those Super Rich who can come in and relax and roam around and pay accordingly we can also attach our office block with it or near by. Ideally this health Spa cum Hotel cum office building should be near somewhere the Centre of our land.
Residential blocks for Labour either be near the blocks for they can access to their working blocks or on a side along with security staff but ideally it should be near the working blocks which will cut time for their transportation every morning and back every evening and we can use those time of their as working hours. With every cultivating block or a group of cultivating Blocks there should be a workshop for repairing and maintenance of cultivation equipment and store house for such equipment.
If thought it will be good, then we should also have a school for children’s of our workers. So that they can concentrate on their job rather than worrying about their children. If thought to be good then we can also have canteens for refreshments of out workers Zone wise.
We should also have a Temple preferably on center of our land with a place for daily Yagna.
Cowshed and milk processing and storage unit should be near somewhere the temple. Adjacent to this unit a unit should be unit for processing vegetables, fruits and other than unit for storage and then unit for Earthenware, manufacturing and storing facility not necessarily in the order but we have to work out in such a way that transporting at different levels doesn’t take much time and energy and doesn’t have to travel a long way.
Why we should have a cow shed facility in our venture is to deal in milk & milk products is that apart from business point of view that we will make profit out of it but the most important factor is we can use cow-dung in our Harvesting Blocks for fertilisation of soil the more cows we keep the more cow-dung we have at our disposal for use in Harvesting Blocks.
Here one thing, very important, to be kept in mind is that, we can have a GLOBAL PATENT of this type of Farming Business Venture, which in future can be sold as an idea, ideal for future farming through out the world, as I feel this will be the only way left to us, for sustaining Humanity, i.e, by Prolonging the Nature of its resources. And if we are able to get a Patent, in the above-mentioned way, then its Commercial Value can be better imagined. 

So like this if we start a Venture on the Principles of Recyclic Nature, then I don’t think there will be an “End of Scope” for diversification, in the Business in any given point of time in Future. As is evident from the examples shown above, which is just a Glimpse of what is there which cannot be achieved, if willed according to the Laws of Nature Mother.
Here one thing should be kept in mind that examples mentioned above are not the only one’s and nothing more can be achieved, as they are mentioned only for indication purpose. Indicating that we can Create our world as Business, and Carve out of it livelihood, not only for Ourselves, but also for the Generations to comeby, and which will ensure that NEEDS of Mother Nature is also being taken cared of. Which will also give us opportunity to meet our NEED for Spiritual duty, which is, to ensure that while we do any thing for our Livelihood, we should keep before us not only Present Time but also Time which is going to follow the Present Time i.e., Future Time, and lastly most important thing which we should keep in mind is Time which has gone by i.e., Past Time, as our Guiding Principle, to not to commit the mistakes committed in Past.
These being just a Single Glimpse for Future, I can’t imagine any further the Day when this Single Glimpse will become Glimpses for Future, and further when these Glimpses for Future will in Reality take Shape for the Benefit of the Human Race for all Time to come. Which in return will be a Blessing in Disguise for us, as it will not only Conserve The Mother Nature of Her Resources, for the use of the Generation to come in Future, but also, for them (Future Generations) to follow the same Principles for the benefit of theirs Future Generations.

Bhavik Gandhi
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Cell: - 09937243210

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