Ten-in-Ten Initiative

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Ecological assets are becoming the decisive competitive factors in global affairs. Countries that know their ecological assets, manage them, protect them, and use them wisely, will be better off.

At Global Footprint Network we are working to create a future in which the Ecological Footprint is a globally accepted metric, as prominent as the GDP. We believe this future is inevitable if humanity is going to succeed.

In 2005 we launched our Ten-in-Ten campaign with the goal of institutionalizing the Ecological Footprint in at least ten key national governments by 2015. We have a solid start: More than 57 nations have engaged with the organization directly. More than twenty nations have completed reviews of the Footprint. Japan, Switzerland, UAE, Ecuador, Finland, Scotland and Wales have formally adopted it.

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Moving From Adoption to Action


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Ultimately, the goal of Ten-in-Ten is to initiate large-scale shifts in thinking and policy. To move governments from adoption of the Footprint to action, Global Footprint Network has developed a five-phase program. The program is aimed at helping nations weigh their options and “bend the curve”—that is, shift ecological trends in the direction of sustainability—by making major changes in policy and investment. The figure above illustrates the five-phase process and the governments Global Footprint Network has engaged with thus far.