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Global Footprint Network


Global Footprint Network – Switzerland, a Swiss Foundation established in 2008,
envisions a future where all can thrive within the means of our one planet.

We enable our vision through our mission: to help end ecological overshoot
by making ecological limits central to decision-making.


  • Basel Naturhistorisches Museum collaboration – In June 2022, the Basel Naturhistorisches Museum and Global Footprint Network will host an event on cities and sustainability with the mayor of Basel.
  • AVINA Food Grant – Marta Antonelli is representing us in Switzerland, thanks to a generous grant from the Stiftung AVINA which is funding a sustainable food initiative. The collaboration includes FiBL in Switzerland and Wageningen University in the Netherlands, with our first workshop held in Zurich in December 2021.
  • Swiss Overshoot Day – We produce the annual Swiss Overshoot Day campaign to recognize the date and promote actions to #MoveTheDate of Overshoot Day.
  • Footprint Data Foundation (FoDaFo) – Our Swiss science advisor supports FoDaFo to strengthen its ability to provide the National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts.



Global Footprint Network – Switzerland promotes the research and application of Ecological Footprint methodology, which is the only comprehensive accounting approach that can compare overall human demand on nature against what the planet can renew. Global Footprint Network – Switzerland exists to support key Footprint initiatives in Switzerland, Europe, and around the world, including in collaboration and partnership with Global Footprint Network – California on global Footprint-related campaigns.

Indeed, Footprint accounting work began in the country before Global Footprint Network – Switzerland was established. In December 2006, Switzerland became the first country to work with Global Footprint Network – California to examine and understand its Ecological Footprint and biocapacity results (see Global Footprint Network – California’s Switzerland Case Study). Following this assessment, Swiss and European demand for Ecological Footprint accounting, data, and tools only grew, leading to the establishment of Global Footprint Network – Switzerland in 2008.

Every year since then, Global Footprint Network – Switzerland has publicized Earth Overshoot Day  – the date (calculated by Global Footprint Network – California) when humanity has used all the resources Earth can generate in one year. In 2021, Earth Overshoot Day fell on July 29, and was recognized in over 100 countries, through 5,800 stories on the web, with 7 billion global media impressions. In Switzerland specifically, country-specific press releases were published in English, French, and German, and Earth Overshoot Day 2021 was referenced in 193 articles, with 112 million media impressions.

Also in 2021, Global Footprint Network – Switzerland supported the 100 Days of Possibility initiative (led by Global Footprint Network – California and launched on Earth Overshoot Day) by promoting daily solution posts and recruiting Swiss construction company Eberhard as a solution sponsor. Eberhard’s low carbon circular concrete and construction waste recycler were showcased as two of the many ways we can use existing technology to displace business as usual practices.

In recent years, Global Footprint Network – Switzerland has worked with Global Footprint Network – California on the creation of the Footprint Data Foundation (FoDaFo), which maintains and updates the National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts (NFAs) as a trusted, neutral, and scientifically robust data source. Produced independently, the Accounts are made available to support decision making. In producing and maintaining the NFAs, FoDaFo also trains a growing pool of researchers skilled in Footprint accounting to continue advancing the Foundation’s mission and vision.

Our People

Founder, Volunteer Chief Executive Officer
Mathis Wackernagel, Ph.D.
Food Systems Project Lead
Marta Antonelli, Ph.D.
Science Advisor and FoDaFo Consultant
Chris Hails, Ph.D
Office Manager, Geneva
Loredana Serban

Swiss Board of Directors:

Sandra Browne, MBA, COO, Industrial Logic Inc.
Alexa Firmenich, 
Co-founder, Atlas Unbound
Ivo Knoepfel, Ph.D., CIIA, Founding Partner, onValues
Julia Marton-Lefèvre
, Former Secretary General of IUCN
Rosanna Marie Neil, Policy Counsel, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
André Hoffmann, Honorary Chair; Vice-Chairman, Roche

Global Footprint Network—Switzerland is a Swiss Foundation located at:
18, Avenue Louis-Casaï, 1209 Geneva, Switzerland
T: +41 (22) 747 76 43

For tax-deductible donations to Global Footprint Network – Switzerland, transfer your contribution to our postal account:
Account Holder: Global Footprint Network-Switzerland
Post Finance, Rue du Mont-Blanc 18, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
IBAN: CH26 0900 0000 6003 7176 9