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For media inquiries, please contact Amanda Diep, +510-839-8879, ext. 304, media@footprintnetwork.org.


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Lessons from the Coronavirus?

“COVID-19 teaches us that we are one biology. Hence our fates are intertwined. You protect everybody, by protecting yourself. The same holds true for climate and sustainability.” Who would have...   More ›

Scotland, new biocapacity leader?

By Professor Pat Hanscom, Mathis Wackernagel, Ph.D., and Nicola Horsburgh   Scotland may be close to running a biocapacity reserve, becoming a biocapacity leader in its own right, new research...   More ›


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WEBINAR: One-Planet Prosperity - Choosing our Future by Design, not Disaster

“One planet” is not a metaphor; it is a description. It is not a goal, but rather a recognition of our context. It acknowledges that there is a limited ecological budget our planet makes available. Human demand (“Ecological Footprint”) now exceeds what the planet’s ecosystems can renew (“biocapacity”) by at least 56%. That’s why August... View Full event

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