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The Ecological Cost of Human Development

The Ecological Cost of Human Development: A Scientific Framework for Promoting Sustainable Development Policies from ETA Communications on Vimeo.

An EETD Seminar on September 26, 2013 — Speaker: Mathis Wackernagel, Global Footprint Network

Sustainable human development will occur when all humans can have fulfilling lives without degrading the planet. This is the ultimate goal — and challenge — for humanity. But unless we develop a science-based method to measure sustainable development outcomes, this vision can never be fully realized. A metric that can be applied at the macro level for humanity and nations, to the micro level for projects and communities, will enable all to direct investments toward actions that are truly impactful, and away from those that are not. In short, a metric that will encourage nations and communities to take their fate into their own hands…In this presentation, Mathis Wackernagel proposes such a metric – one that is a simple, science-based tracking system of key outcomes, combining the Human Development Index of UNDP and Global Footprint Network’s Ecological Footprint accounting.

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