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Licenses and Support

We make a substantial portion of our Ecological Footprint data available for free at data.footprintnetwork.org so that as many people as possible can use it to help create a more sustainable future. We also provide technical support and some additional data for license under specific circumstances.

National Footprint Account Data Licenses

Free Public Data Set

License for general use. Download includes:
•Latest (2014) Ecological Footprint and biocapacity results.
•Ecological Footprint and biocapacity time series graphs (1961-2014).
•Graphics of global overshoot, Human Development Index-Footprint, and ecological deficit/reserve map.
•Data quality scores.
•Scientific and Editorial Review Policy.

Calculation Factors National Footprint Accounts 2018

License for general use. Download includes:
•2014 national yields, world yields, and yield factors for all countries by land type.
•Equivalence factors for all land types.

Support Package

$3,000 for 20 hours of technical support delivered by a member of the Global Footprint Network Research Team to answer questions and provide insight into technical analysis and usage of the data.

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Now-casted Package

$14,000 for 40 hours of technical support, the now-casted results that project the data into the current year, a five-page report on some key insights including notable countries and/or sectors of interest, and on July 31 a rough estimate of the Footprint intensity of sectors including carbon.

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Country Package

$5,000 for the Consumption Land Use Matrix (CLUM) for one country and 10 hours of technical support for capacity building so analysts can update the CLUM and their country’s Ecological Footprint calculation internally.

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Institutional Package

$5,000 for early release of data and nowcasted results for one country on January 1, rather than the April release of the latest National Footprint Accounts, and 10 hours of technical support.

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National Footprint Account Workbook Licenses

Workbook License

License for academics, researchers, and government agencies with special research requirements. License allows users to modify the data sources and methods in the National Footprint Accounts and publish their results. May not be used for commercial projects.
Data includes:
National Footprint Accounts Edition 2018 (up to data year 2014). All countries available.
Fees start at $600 for a single country, single year for one project. Academic researchers can apply for fee waiver.

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Visit the Ecological Footprint Explorer open data platform at data.footprintnetwork.org to compare countries, create graphics, and download data.