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Tools & Resources

Because our economic system developed during a time when natural resources were abundant, decisions were made without considering the explicit contribution of nature to economic activity. As these resources are becoming increasingly scarce worldwide, we need new tools to manage them more sustainably.

Data Downloads and Licenses

The National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts (NFAs) provide comprehensive data on humanity’s demand on nature and nature’s capacity to meet that demand. Using the NFAs, we can produce Multi-Regional Input Output (MRIO)-based Footprint data, which allows us to track detailed resource flows between countries’ major economic sectors.

Footprint Calculator

Use our mobile-friendly calculator (available in eight languages) to measure your Ecological Footprint, determine your personal Earth Overshoot Day, and learn about solutions so we can all tread more lightly on the Earth.

Country Trends

Is your country an ecological debtor or creditor? When did your country’s ecological budget go into the red? Our interactive map shows the per-person Ecological Footprint and biocapacity of nearly 200 countries since 1961.

Case Studies

Read our case studies to learn how the Ecological Footprint has been used by policy makers and political leaders at the city, regional, and national levels to better manage their natural capital and build a more resilient future for their citizens.


Our reports feature deeper investigations into the resource constraints of specific cities, regions, and countries to shape sustainability policies, manage risks, and create a prosperous future. Recent reports focus on the French Overshoot Day, Korea, Guizhou Province (China), and the Mediterranean Region.

Free Public Data Set

Global Footprint Network’s free Public Data Package includes latest year data results and quality scores; convenient, sortable tables; and additional background information and definitions.