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How We Work With Clients

Our consulting work with government and corporate clients is driven by a simple question: how can we support you to be more successful in achieving your goals?

In addition to our core offerings of detailed Ecological Footprint data, sustainability assessments, customized calculators, and sustainability campaigns, we offer consulting for government and corporate clients. In the initial stages of our partnership with clients, we operate under the umbrella of a mutual non-disclosure agreement to facilitate honest, open, and trusted engagements.

Typically, our work with clients is organized into three phases.

  1. Design for impact. To achieve maximum impact, we invite our clients to join us in thinking backwards from the desired goal. Through completing this exercise together, we identify the outcomes and outputs which are necessary to achieve the end goal. We then work with our clients to design strategies for generating the highest impact with the least effort (“high ROI”).
  2. Test a pilot. Once the strategy is outlined and our teams are aligned, we test the strategy’s effectiveness with a pilot. In addition to producing initial results for our clients, pilots maximize learning, streamline effort and avoid unintended consequences. The pilot allows for the opportunity to adjust the strategy for larger impact.
  3. Roll out broadly. Clarity and confidence gained from the pilot allow us to implement the project at a larger scale and with a wider scope. It is not uncommon for new opportunities to arise at this stage. To take advantage of those opportunities, we encourage our clients to go through the process again, starting with phase one: design for impact.

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