Highlights from 2020

We had no idea what 2020 had in store for the world when we kicked off the year with a clear intent: amplifying our impact through the new decade. Given all the challenges of the year, we are pleased with... Read More

Bright spots from 2020

In a year seemingly filled with more darkness than light—global pandemic, fires, social injustices, hurricanes, to name a few—we’re highlighting “bright spots” that didn’t make mainstream. We want all to thrive and be prosperous on our one planet, so we’re... Read More

7th Portuguese town announces its Footprint results

Portugal’s City Footprinting initiative marked a new milestone yesterday, as the second cohort of municipalities to join the program started publishing the results of their Footprint assessment yesterday. In the city of Barcelos, masked elected officials and researchers from the... Read More

Lessons from the Coronavirus?

“COVID-19 teaches us that we are one biology. Hence our fates are intertwined. You protect everybody, by protecting yourself. The same holds true for climate and sustainability.” Who would have thought that the world would be transformed by a microscopic... Read More

Scotland, new biocapacity leader?

By Professor Pat Hanscom, Mathis Wackernagel, Ph.D., and Nicola Horsburgh   Scotland may be close to running a biocapacity reserve, becoming a biocapacity leader in its own right, new research from the University of Stirling has found. Scotland has about... Read More

What future do we want?

By Mathis Wackernagel The radical slowdown of the global economy, due to humanity’s efforts to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, has reduced carbon emissions and resource demand significantly over the last months. This has led to a temporary... Read More