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Sector Analysis

Global Footprint Network works with local authorities, experts, and international partners to analyze the Ecological Footprint© of key industry sectors.

Availability and consumption of ecological resources are the prerequisite to run every industry that contributes to daily human life: from building the houses in which we live to growing the food we eat; from the transportation we use to the services and activities we enjoy.

Global Footprint Network can assess an industry’s Ecological Footprint© at local, regional, or national levels. This analysis can be performed using either a “top-down” or a “bottom-up” approach. The “top-down” approach starts at the highest level of data (the National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts) and is scaled down using statistics and consumption data for a specific industry. Conversely, the “bottom-up” approach uses data collected by the industry on the flows of physical materials, energy, and money. Detailed descriptions of the two methodologies can be found in our peer-reviewed literature.

Currently, Global Footprint Network is piloting industry-level assessments on tourism in the Mediterranean region.

Sustainable Tourism

Imagine traveling through protected areas in the Mediterranean region while generating benefits for conservation and local communities instead of engaging in traditional mass tourism activities. The MEET Network’s ecotourism packages allow visitors to explore natural areas, meet locals and dive into their cultural traditions, all with a daily Ecological Footprint© potentially lower than while at home!

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