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We envision a future
where all thrive within the
means of our one planet

Measure what you treasure

The Ecological Footprint is the only metric that compares the resource demand of individuals, governments, and businesses against what Earth can renew.

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Overshoot Day.
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"The Ecological Footprint is a fair metric for Slovenia to achieve its climate goals."

On September 11, Global Footprint Network Senior Scientist Alessandro Galli and Slovenian sustainable development expert Jernej Stritih presented their preliminary report on Slovenia’s Ecological Footprint at a public event hosted by the Slovenian Environment Agency in Ljubljana. Jernej Stritih spoke to us from Bovec, where he runs his consulting agency, and shared his insights about... View Full Blog

Country Overshoot Days

A country’s overshoot day is the date that Earth Overshoot Day would fall if all of humanity consumed like the people in this country.

Country Overshoot Days are calculated with Global Footprint Network’s National Footprint Accounts. More ›

Join us in creating a world where people,
planet, and economies thrive.