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Olympics Data Story: North & South Korea

As the PyeongChang Olympics come to a close, we thought it would be interesting to explore the Ecological Footprints and biocapacities of North and South Korea. Watch the latest installment of our Data Stories series. And please subscribe to our YouTube channel! Help us reach 1,000 subscribers now! View Full Video

Country Overshoot Days

A country’s overshoot day is the date that Earth Overshoot Day would fall if all of humanity consumed like the people in this country.

country overshoot day infographic
Country Overshoot Days are calculated with Global Footprint Network’s National Footprint Accounts. More ›
One candle for one planet
San Francisco Bay Area supporters: You are invited to an in-store event March 31 at glassybaby to benefit Global Footprint...   More ›

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