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Our People

Meet the team that makes us great!

Food Systems Project Lead
Marta Antonelli, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer
David Lin, Ph.D.
Project Coordinator
Debora Barioni
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Sandra Browne, MBA
Campaign Developer
Joost Brinkman
Lead Developer
Robert Williams
Board Member, Global Footprint Network - Med and advisor for Mediterranean and MENA Regions
Alessandro Galli, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Maria Serena Mancini, Ph.D.
Interim Advisor, Founder
Mathis Wackernagel, Ph.D.
Research Economist
Katsunori Iha

Board of Directors

President, Pacific Capital Management
Sarosh Kumana
Director, specking+partners
Heiko Specking
Managing Director, Hot or Cool Institute
Lewis Akenji, Ph.D.
COO, Industrial Logic Inc.
Sandra Browne, MBA
Founder and Board Member
Mathis Wackernagel, Ph.D.

Former Board Members

Razan al Mubarak, Former Secretary-General, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi
John Balback,
Strategist, Investor and C-suite Executive
Susan Burns, Co-founder of Global Footprint Network, Sustainability Strategist & Philanthropic Advisor
Kristin Cobble, Co-founder and President of Groupaya
Eric Frothingham, Social Entrepreneur and Business Lawyer
Alexa Firmenich,
Co-director of SEED Biocomplexity, housed inside the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich and Impact Investor
Jamshyd Godrej,
 Chairman of the Board, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited
Daniel Goldscheider,
Founder and CEO, Paperless Inc.
Ann Hancock,
Co-founder, The Climate Center
André Hoffmann, Vice Chairman of Roche Holding and former Vice President of WWF International
Ivo Knoepfel,
Rob Lilley, Investor and Member, Terra Global Capital
Haroldo Mattos de Lemos, Presidente na Sociedade dos Engenheiros e Arquitetos do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – SEAERJ
Louis de Montpellier,
Former Deputy Head of the Banking Department, Bank for International Settlements, Chair of rePLANET
Cara Pike, Executive Director, Social Capital Strategies
Michael Saalfeld (1952-2021),
green energy entrepreneur
Terry Vogt, Managing Director, Terra Global Capital
Caren Wakoli, Executive Director, Emerging Leaders Foundation

Science and Policy Advisory Council

Rosalía Arteaga Serrano, Former President of the Republic of Ecuador
Fabio Feldmann, Former Minister of Environment, São Paulo
Eric Garcetti, Mayor, Los Angeles
Stephen Groff, Governor of the National Development Fund of Saudi Arabia, former Vice President, Asia Development Bank, Southeast Asia/Pacific
Daniel Pauly, Leading marine ecologist, University of British Columbia
Jorgen Randers, Professor of Climate Strategy, Norwegian School of Management
Peter Raven, Former President, Missouri Botanical Gardens
William E. Rees, Co-creator of the Ecological Footprint, University of British Columbia
Karl-Henrik Robèrt, Founder, The Natural Step
Emil Salim, Former Indonesian Minister of State
James Gustave Speth, Founder, World Resources Institute
Per Espen Stoknes, chair of the Center for Green Growth at the Norwegian Business School
David Suzuki, Award-winning Scientist and Broadcaster
M.S. Swaminathan, India’s Leading Scientist on Sustainable Food Security
Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Founding President of Wuppertal Institute
Dominique Voynet, Former Environment Minister, France, and Former Mayor, Montreuil

Former members

Herman Daly (1938-2022), Intellectual Father of Ecological Economics
Tom Lovejoy (1941-2021), Fierce and effective biodiversity advocate
Wangari Maathai (1940-2011), Founder of the Green Belt Movement
Manfred Max-Neef (1932-2019), Economist, recipient of Right Livelihood Award
Will Steffen (1947-2023), Former Director, Australian National University’s Climate Change Institute
E.O. Wilson (1929-2021), Eminent biodiversity scholar


Katsunori Iha, Research Economist
Marta Antonelli, Ph.D.,
Food Systems Researcher
Veronica Arias, Climate and City Specialist
Corinne Hanson, Sustainable Business Specialist
Sebastián Navarro, Climate Ambassador and Envoy
Kristine Jiao, Communications
Mikel Evans, Research Analyst
Evan Neill,
Research Analyst
Leo Wambersie, Research Analyst
Michael Wang, Front-end Designer
Melita Elmore, Sustainability Consultant, former Principal Consultant, British Standards Institution, Washington, D.C.
Yoshihiko Wada, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Ecological Economics, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, and Executive Director,  Ecological Footprint Japan

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