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Earth Overshoot Day 2015 Media Coverage

A roundup of Earth Overshoot Day coverage my media around the world.

Please visit overshootday.org for more information.

National Geographic : We’ve Consumed More Than the Earth Can Produce This Year. Above image credit to National Geographic.

Le Monde : Depuis cette nuit, la Terre vit sur ses réserves

Repubblica : Oggi è l’Overshoot Day. Scatta il debito ecologico

Binnenland : ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ valt steeds vroeger

The Huffington Post : “Earth Overshoot Day”: Ab jetzt verbrauchen wir mehr Rohstoffe, als nachwachsen Konnen

La Stampa : Le risorse della Terra per il 2015 sono finite. Da domani consumiamo le riserve del futuro

Corriere della Sera : Oggi è l’Earth Overshoot Day

The Guardian : Our environmental deficit is now beyond nature’s ability to regenerate

The Guardian : Humans have already used up 2015’s supply of Earth’s resources—analysis

The Independent : Earth Overshoot Day: Humanity consumes 100% of planet’s resources in eight months

Wired : Humanity has consumed all of Earth’s resources for 2015

CBS News : It’s only August and we’ve already used a year’s worth of natural resources

USA Today :

Grist : We used your caffeine addiction to explain our bad consumption habits

Time : How Humans Used Up a Year of Natural Resources in Under 9 Months

The Huffington Post : Humans Have Used Up A Year’s Worth Of The Earth’s Resources In 8 Months

Takepart : We Just Used Up Earth’s Resources for the Rest of the Year

Treehugger : We’ve already spent nature’s budget for the year, 6 days earlier than last year

Business Insider : Earth’s 2015 quota of renewable resources used up: NGO

Newsweek : Earth Overshoot Day: We Just Entered the Red

IBT Pulse : Earth Overshoot Day 2015: What Happens When We Use More Than The Planet Can Renew?

The Week : Humanity has already used up Earth’s natural resource budget for the year

World Economic Forum : Which countries are in ecological debt?

The Hindu : Today is Earth Overshoot Day and that’s worrying

NEF Blog : Earth Overshoot Day: the debt we can’t ignore